Winebird Productions

A presenter with wine knowledge, camera operator, editor and translator- all in one!

Do you need someone to make you a short film? Winebird Productions is Helena’s one stop, short film-making shop that’s perfect for the wine trade. Winebird Productions offers Helena as a wine professional who has her own camera kit, who can edit (trained in Final Cut Pro), interview and even present where’s needed. She understands that wine budgets are not big ‘media’ budgets and being just one person who can do all this, she represents excellent value for money. Speaking French and Italian as well, translation and subtitles are also an option.

These short wine films can be anything from regional overviews to capturing the buzz at top tasting events to co-productions about the best wine and food spots in London or one minute guides made purely for Instagram…

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, contact Helena on 07980 311 525 or