Grenache: The Farmer’s Daughter of Wine Grapes

Easygoing, wholesome and uncomplicated, your spiritual wine grape is Grenache: the red grape that personifies the down-to-earth farmer’s daughter.

The ultimate girl next grenache_500x500door, the farmer’s daughter is rustic, but bright and curvaceous under that oversized, strawberry red t-shirt. She’s likeable and charming; not an attention seeker, and she can get on with just about anyone.

Grenache is all about ripe figs and soft, strawberry fruit, with an earthy, rustic nature. Often used in blending, it rarely makes incredibly fine wines alone, but has a crowd-pleasing appeal with its easy-going, easy-drinking, soft tannins and juicy fruit. Find some made from old vines and you’ll ramp up the concentration and quality.

FACT! Grenache has several famous synonyms. It’s Garnacha in Spain, Cannonau in Italy and can also be called Grenache Noir and Alicante.

TIP! Grenache in Europe is much more spicy and earthy than American Grenache, which is crisp and floral.

TIP 2! Old vine Grenache is excellent: spicy and concentrated!

Become an expert on Grenache by comparing key styles from its key regions, as laid out in Winebird’s Tasting Tour…

Winebird’s Grenache Tasting Tour

Grenache 1: Southern France and particularly the Rhone Valley is a key area for Grenache, where it makes up a large part of many blends in Chateauneuf-du-pape.

Grenache 2: Spain loves Greanche – or Garnacha – too, with Priorat and Catalonia leading the way. It’s often a little heavier here.

Grenache 3: Grenache is the key red grape of Sardinia, Italy, where it is known better as Cannonau. Lovely, soft, spicy wines can be found here.

Grenache 4+: Other New World areas are good at juicy Grenache too. Make sure you add Australia to the mix!

Enjoy and Happy Grenache Day! x