PAH to dry facts!

A Vinalogy is a wine-based analogy that helps turn wine characteristics into vivid, memorable personalities.

Getting to know the personalities of the worlds most famous grapes is a great way to start getting into wine and this quirky, highly visual beginner’s wine book will take the famous characteristics of each grape and blend them into one memorable image.

Why is Cabernet Sauvignon the rugby player of the wine world?

How is Viognier like a tropical sun goddess?

Which grape is the ladyboy of Piedmont?

Winebird’s VINALOGY is a beginner’s guide with a difference. It starts with the building blocks of wine – the major red and white grape varieties – and introduces them through ‘vinalogies’: a collection of vinous analogies that paint quirky, memorable images of each grape.

This book won’t bang on about rootstocks, oak barrels or the name of the producer’s dog, because all of that stuff can and should come later. Instead, it’ll show you how to tackle the subject of wine as a total beginner, explain how to start speaking wine language like a pro, give you tips about reading wine lists and answer those frequently asked questions. It’s a guide to the real wine basics; information you can actually use.

Vinalogy won the Gourmand award for the best UK women & wine book 2015!