Who is Winebird?

Helena Nicklin is Winebird: a wine writer, presenter and author of ‘Winebird’s Vinalogy: wine basics with a twist!’. She bridges the gap between the fabulously detailed wine journalists out there and normal people who just want the basics – information you can actually use – in memorable, bite-size chunks.

Helena’s strength is in educating through entertainment rather than dry facts, believing that wine education should be as sociable and sexy as the liquid itself. Making wine visual (the holy grail!), she tells stories and creates ‘vinalogies’: wine-based analogies that paint memorable pictures of all things wine so you’ll actually remember what you’ve learned. Pinot Noir is the ballerina of wine grapes, for example. Cabernet Sauvignon, the rugby player. Nebbiolo, the ladyboy…


Book Winebird to speak at your event, run a wine tasting or write you a feature. She can also help  design your wine list.

See more about Winebird’s background and who she has worked for here.

Helena’s book: ‘Winebird’s VINALOGY: wine basics with a twist!’ is out now. BUY IT HERE.      PAH to dry facts!