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Helena Nicklin is Head of Content for wine, food, travel and lifestyle platform and editor of Winerist Magazine. She’s also an award winning female wine presenter and author, writer and videographer.

As a professional wine communicator, Helena is a ‘wine translator’, bridging the gap between those fabulously detailed wine books and those who just want the basics in memorable, bite-size chunks. Her goal is to make the wine world less stuffy, more visual and fun and to teach things in an order that makes sense to everyone. She has just returned filming a TV series for Amazon Prime as part of The Three Drinkers presenting team alongside Aidy Smith and Colin Hampden-White called The Three Drinkers do Scotch Whisky, airing in November 2018.

A member of the prestigious Circle of Wine Writers, Helena has written for various consumer publications and her videos have been featured on various websites. She also presents workshops at consumer fairs, has appeared as the wine expert on live TV and often speaks to The Two Mikes on TalkRADIO. She runs private wine tasting events in London, writes and edits copy for wine businesses and sits on various tasting panels for competitions.

Her initiative One Minute Wine Ace features one minute videos explaining wine basics to an Instagram / social media audience with a zero knowledge base. Follow the videos on her One Minute Wine Ace Instagram account @OneMinuteWineAce.



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